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Missing Seven Year Old Girl with Special Needs Located by Renville County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s Office using SafetyNet Tracking Technology

Press Release 03/20/2018

Olivia, Minnesota (3/20/18)

A seven year girl with special needs who ran away from home was located quickly as a result of a rapid response by specially trained and equipped members of the Renville County Sheriff’s Office in Olivia, Minnesota using a tracking program called SafetyNet.

Once notified of the missing girl, authorities dispatched numerous units to the area along with specially trained and equipped personnel from the Sheriff’s Office. Once on scene, the deputies activated their SafetyNet Radio Frequency Tracking receivers and quickly picked up the signal being broadcast by the girls tracking bracelet. Within 3 minutes, the girl was located via her signal in a tree about 100 feet from her residence. Although the weather was extremely cold and she was only dressed in light clothing, the girl was located in good physical condition. She was evaluated by EMS personnel on scene.

The Renville County Sheriff’s Office is one of about 230 agencies across the US who received specialized training by SafetyNet and are equipped with digital tracking equipment that allows them to enter the frequency number of a missing participant’s transmitter. Using a series of antennas and tracking techniques, they can often track down the missing person quickly which saves time, manpower, money and ultimately, lives.

SafetyNet has had more than 700 successful searches for missing people with cognitive conditions since its inception in 2010 and the program is available statewide in Massachusetts and Rhode Island as well as parts of numerous other states including Minnesota. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul along with several counties are trained and equipped with SafetyNet Tracking Technology.

For more information on SafetyNet, call (877) 434-6384 or go to the SafetyNet website at www.safetynettracking.com.