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The SafetyNet program is run at a municipality level by a community’s public safety agencies. Eligible agencies include Sheriff’s Offices, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Search and Rescue, Assisted Living Facilities, and Nursing Homes. These entities, and others similar, can join SafetyNet, and offer the program to those in need.

Once we receive your letter of intent and Operational Agreement, we will select the instructors that will train your agency or organization. The instructor will contact you to work out the training dates. The Operator/Instructor Course is an 8-hour course. 

To save you time please call us directly to get your agency started. Call SafetyNet Tracking Systems at 1–877–434–6384.

The average cost for an agency to join ranges from $3,995-$4,990 excluding instructor travel expenses. For additional information on how to join the SafetyNet program, you can call our toll-free number at 1–877–434–6384.

Pricing for Law Enforcement/Public Safety Agency

Two Complete Tracking Kits with Digital Radio Frequency Tracking Receivers,
Antennas, Chargers, Transmitter, Tester, Case and Accessories

8 Hour Intensive Training Course at Agency’s Location including instruction in Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Other Special Needs Awareness and Response as well as Electronic Search and Rescue and use of SafetyNet Tracking Equipment (This is a Train-the-Trainer Class where trained personnel can then train other members of the Agency at no additional cost.)

Total for Program Implementation Including Training and Two Complete Tracking Kits
(Not including Training Travel Costs)

Digital Tracking Transmitters (Worn by Individual) Includes enrollment in the program, transmitter, tester, one year supply of batteries, cloth straps*, clinchers, caregiver materials, and one-year warranty (No Monthly Fee)

  • 1-9 Transmitters $549.00
  • 10-49 Transmitters $529.00
  • 50-99 Transmitters  $499.00
  • 100 + Transmitters $449.00
  • Annual Supply of Batteries and Cloth Straps (for additional years) $24.95
  • Vinyl straps on the initial purchase and for additional years supply $39.95
  • Leather Straps $49.95
  • Additional Tracking Kits $1,895.00
  • Additional AC/DC Chargers $19.95
  • Additional Transmitter Tester $17.95
  • Additional 3V Batteries $3.95

Assisted Living Facility/Memory Disorder Unit Pricing

Complete Tracking Kit with Digital Radio Frequency Tracking Receiver, Antenna, Training Transmitter, Accessories

On-Site Electronic Search and Rescue Training Course (+/- Four Hours) (Training Travel Costs Additional)

Total for Initial Program Implementation with One Complete Tracking Kit (Not including Training Travel Costs)

Total for Initial Program implementation with Two Complete Tracking Kits (Not including Training Travel Costs)

Additional Tracking Kits

*All SafetyNet member agencies/facilities have access to confidential client database which contains photos, physical descriptions, and other critical information

Digital Tracking Transmitters (Worn by Individual) **
Includes enrollment in the program, one-year warranty, and Customer Support **Transmitters can be transferred from one individual to another as needed

Volume Pricing for Transmitter Watch

  • 1-9 Transmitters $549.00 ea
  • 10-49 Transmitters $529.00 ea
  • 50-99 Transmitters $499.00 ea
  • 100 + Transmitters $449.00 ea

There is no yearly membership fee for an agency joining SafetyNet’s program.

Most agencies joining the SafetyNet Tracking Systems program have enjoyed much success by appealing to the community, i.e., civic, fraternal and service clubs.  From time-to-time, there are grant opportunities available from SafetyNet Tracking. Write or call us for information about whether a grant is currently available. Contact us:  customerservice@safetynettracking.com, or call our toll-free number at 1–877–434–6384.

You can contact our office and request a SafetyNet Tracking Information packet.  We can email you the electronic version of the packet, or mail you a hard copy. Review the information then pass it on to the agency you are talking to. Have the agency contact us and we will send them additional information and our new agency start-up cost sheet. 

If you are interested in enrolling a loved one in the program, and you know of a SafetyNet agency in your area, please call them directly as they will have the pricing information and local contacts for your area to help get you started and enroll your loved one on the program.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call our toll-free number at 1–877–434–6384. A member of our friendly staff will be glad to assist.

SafetyNet Tracking Systems has multiple layers of protection for caregivers to choose from to protect their loved ones.  The caregiver can select the best option for their particular situation. Additional information is located on our website under the “caregivers” tab.

We would like to say there is a 100% guarantee; however, there is no such thing, regardless of the technology or method utilized. It must always be remembered you are dealing with people and each situation will be different. SafetyNet Tracking does have a 100% search and rescue success record for those enrolled in our program!! This has been accomplished through a combination of training, specialized methods & procedures, and the latest technology which is tested often in real-world situations.

The best protection is to have trained personnel with the latest equipment available, respond and conduct these searches. The success record of this approach speaks for itself.

SafetyNet Tracking Systems will not sell the equipment without the necessary training and support that goes with the program. We strongly discourage any attempts to use this equipment without the benefit of significant training, to do so, only encourages liability and inadequate protection.

ALL EQUIPMENT USED BY SAFETYNET MEMBERS AND THEIR CLIENTS MUST BE PURCHASED THROUGH SAFETYNET TRACKING. If a family acquires an “other than approved” transmitter from any sources outside of SafetyNet Tracking, it cannot be used in the program. The public safety agency may be liable should that transmitter fail and we will not be liable for any other equipment provided by any other source than SafetyNet Tracking Systems.

Log in to your agency member account and purchase additional items as needed. Agency Login

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Checks, Cashier Checks, Money Orders, and PayPal. All types of payments can be used when purchasing. If you need assistance, you can talk to one of our friendly SafetyNet staff members via our toll-free number at 1–877–434–6384.

SafetyNet® Tracking Systems is a search and rescue system designed to find and rescue people at risk of wandering and becoming lost, including those with autism, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, dementia and other cognitive disorders. Once a client is enrolled in the SafetyNet Tracking Systems service, he or she is outfitted with a SafetyNet Tracking Systems Bracelet on his or her wrist or ankle. Should the client wander or go missing, trained law enforcement and public safety agencies use digital SafetyNet Tracking Systems Search and Rescue Receivers to track the Radio Frequency signal emitted from the SafetyNet Tracking Systems Bracelet on the client’s wrist or ankle, the client is found, rescued and returned to his or her loved ones.

If the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Program is not supported in your location and you feel that your area has a need for the service, we recommend a multi-step approach:

  • Contact SafetyNet® Tracking Systems by calling 1-877-4-FIND-THEM (1-877-434-6384) to request literature about the program. A Customer Service Representative will mail the materials that you may use to educate your local agencies about the service.
  • Contact your local public safety agency to make them aware of the program and of your interest.
  • You may also encourage other people in your area that are interested in the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems service to contact local public safety agencies.

The SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Solution is available in select communities throughout the U.S. and in Canada.

Click here for a list of participating agencies or call 1-877-4-FIND-THEM (1-877-434-6384) to find out if the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems service is available in your area.

The SafetyNet® Tracking Systems system relies on law enforcement and public safety agencies for tracking and rescuing people who are missing. The in-depth training on how to use the Search and Rescue Receiver makes search and rescue team members best equipped to execute this delicate mission. In addition, a caregiver under stress is likely to be unable to get the tracking unit to function properly, thereby making search and rescue personnel better suited to complete the task successfully.

The waterproof bracelet is designed to be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including in the shower or while swimming. The strap should therefore be changed as needed. The battery must also be changed every six months.

A caregiver completes a brief and simple daily test on the bracelet to ensure that the device is operational.

You can contact SafetyNet® Tracking Systems customer support at 1-877-4-FIND-THEM (1-877-434-6384) 24 hours a day, seven days a week for questions or support.

  • The SafetyNet Tracking Systems system relies on Radio Frequency technology which is the most robust and effective technology for search and rescue. Radio Frequency signals can track people in hidden locations (such as a densely wooded area, subway, or building), whereas GPS / cellular products require line of sight with orbiting satellites in order to be operational.
  • Other products such as locks or even wander alert systems are helpful in securing or monitoring an area, but cannot help track and rescue someone that has left the perimeter.
  • Maintenance is minimal versus other products like GPS or cellular-based bracelets, which require that the battery be changed every few days.
  • SafetyNet Tracking Systems works on frequency band 216.0125-216.9875 MHz, which is allocated by the FCC for law enforcement tracking – meaning that our signal will experience no interference with digital TV.
  • The SafetyNet Tracking Systems Search and Rescue Receiver is water-resistant to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • The SafetyNet Tracking Systems Bracelet is waterproof for protection 24/7.
  • SafetyNet Tracking Systems has consistent frequency coverage and functionality in markets throughout the United States and Canada, meaning you are covered when traveling between areas within the program.
  • SafetyNet Tracking Systems is directly integrated with law enforcement. Law enforcement and public safety personnel are equipped with Search and Rescue Receivers.
  • The comprehensive training process provided to law enforcement and other public safety agencies teaches search and rescue team members the psychology of people afflicted with Alzheimer’s and autism -specifically how to search for and approach them, what to do to gain their trust and how to communicate with them. This process is critical to achieving successful rescues.