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Caring for a loved one who wanders is a considerable responsibility. Nothing is more frightening than the thought of a loved one with autism, Alzheimer’s, or other cognitive impairment becoming lost.

Trained Search team follows SafetyNet RF signal

SafetyNet formed in 2010 to help public safety agencies bring loved ones who wander home safely. The service utilizes proven Radio Frequency technology and works directly with law enforcement and other public safety agencies to help rescue individuals with autims, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other similar cognitive conditions who have wandered and become lost.
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Who is the Program For?

Safety Agencies

Why Enroll In SafetyNet?

By enrolling your loved one in the SafetyNet Program, they will become a part of a community that is dedicated to their safety and well-being, while ensuring that in the event that they wander, they will be located within a timely manner and returned home safely.
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Rescue Cases

03/23/2011 On March 23, 2011, a 72-year-old resident of Philadelphia who has Alzheimer’s Disease wandered away from her home and did not return. Upon realizing that she was missing, her caregiver contacted 911 and informed a dispatcher that the missing person was enrolled in the SafetyNet® Tracking service, which enables public safety agencies to more effectively find and rescue individuals with cognitive conditions who are prone to wandering and becoming lost. Upon receiving the call, the Philadelphia Police Department dispatch notified its ground units. Soon after arriving at the woman’s last known location, detectives with the Philadelphia Police Department equipped with SafetyNet Search and Rescue Receivers picked up a signal from the missing woman’s SafetyNet bracelet. In just over two and a half hours, detectives located the woman, who was sitting inside of an unlocked vehicle approximately eight blocks away from her home. The woman was later returned to her home unharmed, despite the cold temperatures and the fact that she was only wearing nightwear.

11/01/22 SafetyNet client was reported missing at approx. 12:30 PM. At approx. 1:00 PM PBSO Deputy picked up clients signal with the SafetyNetequipment about 1/4 mile from home. Deputy reported that the client went for a “walk” a couple of hours ago but wasn’t reported missing until 12:30.

SafetyNet client wandered from home on 11/6/22. Riviera PD was not notified until 11/7/22. Due to an extremelate callPBSO Air support was activated.7:15 PM PBSO Air Wing picked up clients signal in area of Jake Lane/Marsh Harbor. Riviera PD K9 was deployed.Client was located in area of W 12th St. 1700 block by Riviera PD at the direction of PBSO helicopter SafetyNet crew.

The SafetyNet Program enables first responders to achieve the program’s mission of “Protecting People & Locating the Lost!”

Precision Location Technology:

SafetyNet is in a constant state of research and development for our devices and latest and most effective technologies are being utilized by the program.

Innovation Method:

SafteyNet tracking system has strategically designed methods and techniques for recovering individuals with a cognitive condition.

Training Courses:

SafteyNet provides first responders and assisted living staff with training and understanding of cognitive conditions, giving the tools needed to respond to and elopement…

Why Choose Safety Net?

Trusted and proven most effective program dedicated to protect, and when necessary, quickly locate individuals with cognitive conditions that cause the life-threatening behavior of wandering since 2010. Our clear and singular focus is on providing these most vulnerable groups and their agencies with the support and protection they need.
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