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SafetyNet Tracking Systems

The SafetyNet Tracking Systems service helps public safety agencies manage the challenge of searching for and rescuing people with autism, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, dementia or other cognitive conditions who may wander and become lost:

• Certified search and rescue training
• Access to a secure database of important client information
• Specialized Radio Frequency search and rescue equipment

By using the SafetyNet Tracking Systems service, public safety agencies can more effectively find and rescue people at risk in the event they wander and become lost, eliminating traditional searches that often take countless man-hours.

Time is of the essence in search and rescue operations and every minute saved decreases the risk of a tragic outcome. The SafetyNet® Tracking Systems service is a great way to provide a valuable lifesaving service to your community while improving the efficiency of your agency.

SafetyNet Tracking Solutions First Responders

How to Get Started

Contact us to enroll in the SafetyNet program (877) 434–6384 or email us

Upon qualification of your agency, the SafetyNet Tracking public safety team works with you to create a customized training & implementation plan

When an agency is ready to launch the service, SafetyNet Tracking helps your agency announce availability and begins enrolling clients in your community

What to Expect Once Enrolled

Creation and deployment of agency protocols

Identification and training of a SafetyNet Tracking Systems search and rescue team

Training for 911 operators and dispatch team to familiarize them with the SafetyNet Tracking Systems service

Allocation of SafetyNet Tracking Systems search and rescue equipment

Working With Public Safety Agencies

SafetyNet® Tracking Systems provides 24/7 ongoing support to agencies.

SafetyNet Training Video for Law Enforcement

SafetyNet® Tracking Systems provides 24/7 ongoing support to agencies.

Features & Benefits:

Benefits of the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Service to the Agency and Community:

  • Saves time and money - An average search without SafetyNet® Tracking Systems technology can involve multiple agencies, hundreds of officers, countless man-hours and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Saves community resources - without the SafetyNet Tracking Systems service, a search and rescue mission consumes law enforcement, public safety and other community resources. When you use SafetyNet® Tracking Systems technology, those same resources can focus elsewhere.
  • Proven technology - unlike GPS, Radio Frequency technology can work in densely wooded areas, buildings, garages or any other hidden location.
  • Consistent frequency coverage - SafetyNet® Tracking System's frequency band covers markets across the U.S. and Canada.
  • It works - Time and again, SafetyNet® Tracking System's proven technology, processes and procedures have successfully helped law enforcement and public safety personnel rescue at-risk individuals.

The Personal Locator system is not an option for those who reside in an area that is not covered by a SafetyNet member agency, or to those who would like the ability to locate their loved one on their own. Check service availability map here to find a member agency near you. If no agency is available in your area you may want to check out our GPS products HERE that may better suit you and your loved one.

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Bring SafetyNet Program to Your Community

The SafetyNet program saves lives. If there is no SafetyNet agency that serves your area, champion this program for your loved one and for others who need this layer of protection. Info packets, brochures, and other promotional items are available upon request. When you share this information with your local first responders, you generate awareness of the needs in your community and a solution for meeting those needs.

For more information or questions about the SafetyNet Program you can contact us directly by calling 1(877)434–6384