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SafetyNet Tracking Runs Successful Training Drill at the MSP Academy in New Braintree with 26 Troopers

Press Release 03/07/2017

On Wednesday, Lt. Bob Leverone placed 11 transmitters in various places in "C Troop" (Western MA) from the CT border to the NH border and West to the Quabbin Reservoir. 

On Thursday, 26 troopers had a refresher course on SafetyNet tracking and discussed the plan. Then the troopers were divided up into 13 two man cruisers. Each team was assigned a frequency and ID and given a general area for the location of their assigned transmitter. Two teams were assigned the same frequency which would enable them to triangulate their search. 

After the briefing the teams placed their Omni antennas on their respective cruisers and left the facility at 10:15 AM. 

The first teamed radioed Lt. Leverone at approximately 10:50 AM that they had recovered their assigned transmitter and were returning. All the remaining teams had recovered their assigned transmitters and returned by 12:15 PM.