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SafetyNet Tracking Systems

When someone you love has autism, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, dementia or other cognitive disorders, the chance of him or her wandering and becoming lost is high and may lead to severe consequences. The longer your loved one is missing, the greater the risk. That’s why SafetyNet Tracking System now offers technology for rescuing those who go missing.
The SafetyNet Tracking Systems’s service is composed of time-tested and proven electronic search and rescue equipment, direct integration with law enforcement and public safety agencies, in-depth training and certification for search and rescue personnel on electronic search and rescue procedures as well as techniques for approaching people with cognitive conditions, and a secure database of key client information to assist in search and rescue operations.
SafetyNet Tracking Systems works hand in hand with law enforcement and public safety agencies to quickly find and rescue your loved one in the event that he or she becomes lost.

How it Works

Under the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems program, your loved one wears a SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Bracelet. Each Bracelet emits a signal on a channel used by law enforcement for tracking people at risk. Once your loved one is enrolled in the service, he/she is assigned a frequency and unique digital ID verification number.

Should A Wandering Event Occur:

You or another caregiver contacts local authorities immediately
Trained search and rescue personnel use SafetyNet® Search and Rescue receivers to track the RF signal from bracelet
Once public safety officers locate your loved one, they would be able to rescue and return him or her home safely
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Easy to Use

The SafetyNet® Tracking Systems bracelet is easy to use—it only requires one battery change every six months and unlike GPS or cellular-based systems, SafetyNet® Tracking Systems’s Radio Frequency technology can work in places such as a densely wooded area, buildings and shallow water. Because of the reliability of our technology and the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems service’s direct integration with public safety agencies, it offers a way of quickly rescuing lost loved ones and bringing them home safely.

Getting Started

Getting started with SafetyNet Tracking Systems is a breeze with our turn-key system and our dedicated staff members to ensure you start the program with confidence!
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Service Benefits:

The Personal Locator system is not an option for those who reside in an area that is not covered by a SafetyNet member agency, or to those who would like the ability to locate their loved one on their own. Check service availability map here to find a member agency near you. If no agency is available in your area you may want to check out our GPS products HERE that may better suit you and your loved one.

Bring SafetyNet Program to Your Community

The SafetyNet program saves lives. If there is no SafetyNet agency that serves your area, champion this program for your loved one and for others who need this layer of protection. Info packets, brochures, and other promotional items are available upon request. When you share this information with your local first responders, you generate awareness of the needs in your community and a solution for meeting those needs.
For more information or questions about the SafetyNet Program you can contact us directly by calling 1877–434–6384
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