Autistic teenager finds voice through social media

The Internet and social media have raised awareness of autism and helped build strong autism communities worldwide.

Here’s a story about an autistic Canadian teenager who is not verbal but uses social media to communicate with thousands of people. Check out Carly’s Twitter feed,  her Facebook page (which she updates frequently!), and her Carly’s Voice blog.

Carly Fleischmann — a young woman whose autism left her mute — has found her voice through the use of the Internet.

Fleischmann is able to type her thoughts into a computer, and now communicates with thousands of people through her Twitter and Facebook pages. She has found a way to use the social networking phenomenon, along with e-mail, to communicate with people all over the world — many of whom are curious about autism or have a friend or family member with the disorder. Carly says she does what she can to teach others about autism and what it is like for her — a message that she says comes “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

via Autistic Teenager Finds Voice Through Social Networking | The Autism News.