Beyond just coping

Ruth Knott-Schroeder likes the small-town feel of East Multnomah County. She lives outside the urban area in east Gresham and sees some of her clients in her Sandy office.

The rest of her clients could be in another state or another country. It matters not to the professional counselor and coach for living. She can coach over the phone or in people’s homes. She also travels to speak at workshops and trains other coaches.

Because she has an 18-year-old son affected with autism, she has had to become an expert on that topic. And the first thing she learned was that autism affects an entire community.

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Parallel Play: Growing Up With Undiagnosed Asperger’s by Tim Page

Are we who we are in spite of our afflictions, or because of them?

This question beats at the heart of Tim Page’s brief, unadorned memoir, “Parallel Play: Growing Up With Undiagnosed Asperger’s.” An odd, obsessive yet intellectually gifted man, Page was diagnosed in his 40s with Asperger’s syndrome, part of a cluster of disorders that includes autism. Asperger’s is often characterized by extreme awkwardness in social interactions, clumsy motor skills and a compulsive desire to collect encyclopedic details about random subjects.

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