Mom Turns Son’s Wandering Scare Into a Cause


Last summer, Samantha Gardner’s 5-year old son Abram, who has autism, wandered away from home in search of ice cream. Found one mile away at the local Dairy Queen, this incident was fortunately just a scare. However, over 50% of children with autism will wander and not all will be as lucky as Abram Gardner to make their way back home. To bring awareness to this issue, Samantha started the PAW Project.

“PAW, Preventing Autistic Wandering, is a project to alert the people of this county to a pressing community concern: autism-related wandering is a dangerous and poorly-understood phenomenon that is not always preventable, but is always manageable. What is needed is an intensive awareness and training campaign. Today, PAW is one dedicated mom with a cause—wage this campaign.”

To see the path that Abram followed when he wandered, watch the video below: