Activities for Autistic Children

Autistic children need challenging, yet fun, activities that they can participate in on a daily basis. Should they be expected to participate in all of the activities that other children engage in? Of course not, but there are numerous activities for autistic children to enjoy. …

Selecting Activities for Autistic Children

Consider an autistic child’s capabilities, interests, and aptitude as you search for appropriate activities for him or her to enjoy.

* Sensory activities-Games that include the senses are often enjoyed by these children. For example, play the game “I Spy” with your children. Describe the object that you are looking at, and see if the children can find and name that object from your description.

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How a piano prodigy with autism is navigating college at Boston’s Berklee

The scrawny kid with the squeaky voice and Harry Potter glasses, the jazz prodigy from Sudbury whose feet didn’t reach the piano pedals when he began performing and recording, the autistic grade-schooler who dazzled everybody from Dave Brubeck to David Letterman with his keyboard wizardry, is growing up.

Last month, Matt Savage began his second semester at Berklee College of Music. Before setting foot on campus, Savage, who’ll turn 18 this spring, had already established himself as a rising star, having recorded eight CDs, the latest titled “Hot Ticket: Live in Boston,’’ and played the “Today’’ show, Birdland, Lincoln Center, and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

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Name that Tune for Those with Dementia

Start by getting a list of song titles from the era most potential participant(s) are familiar with. If you are not familiar with the songs yourself, you may want to purchase a CD or get some from the library to familiarize yourself with the songs. You may want to use these CDs during the

activity if necessary.

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N.Y. Band Members Live With Blindness, Autism, Down Syndrome

Many start-up bands dream of achieving worldwide fame one day.

That the band Flame achieved the dream is remarkable in and of itself. But the band is extraordinary in another respect: Each musician has a physical or mental disability.

Indeed, Flame is the only touring band in the world to be wholly composed of disabled members.

The upstate New York band’s members live with conditions that include Down syndrome, cognitive delays, autism, cerebral palsy and blindness.

Band member David LaGrange is blind and mentally disabled. He grew up in an institution and had a passion for rock ‘n’ roll.

“The Iron Butterfly, Led Zeppelin, sometimes I listen to AC/DC,” LaGrange, Flame’s drummer, said.

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Autism Album Debuts

Last spring, I invaded these columns to tell about a local autism awareness music project, SingSOS!, that had been invited to perform at the United Nations. That was a high point on a long and winding road that has now led — at last! — to the release of the “Songs of the Spectrum” album in time for the holidays.

The album features original songs about autism, featuring performances by artists like Jackson Browne, Dar Williams, Marshall Crenshaw and other top names. The music is packaged with a shelf’s worth of handpicked autism resources, including excerpts from books by leaders in the field, all in electronic form.

We have also hit upon what we hope is an innovative distribution model. We have invited nonprofits serving the Autism Spectrum Disorders community to register, and are giving donors the choice of where their money goes.

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