The right note: Music a key connector for autistic kids

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — Making music isn’t just fun and games for Hudson and Memphis Hueneke.

Strumming a guitar, blowing train whistles and listening to lyrics have helped the brothers learn to work together, stay on task, express themselves and follow instructions.

The skills are paramount for all preschoolers, but are especially important for the brothers. Memphis, 3, was diagnosed with autism a year ago, and doctors believe that Hudson, 2, also may be demonstrating traits of the developmental disorder.

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“Dancing Hands” and Alzheimer’s disease

Dancing Hands is a program that uses hand tapping and music to engage Alzheimer’s patients. I think providing music in a group setting, combined with the creative outlet of producing “taps”, illustrates that persons suffering from Alzheimer’s enjoy engaging in creative activities.

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Music Therapy with Older Adults

If you walk into a nursing home during a music therapy session you may see what can only be described as amazing. …  Specific research results indicate that music therapy is useful for decreasing agitation and wandering in individuals with more advanced dementia and AD. Additionally, music therapy interventions can benefit caregivers in terms of increasing socialization, decreasing depression and sense of burden.

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