A mother gives roots, wings to an autistic son

A Mother’s Day commentary by William C. Kashatus for The Times Leader of Wilkes-Barre, Penn. Kashatus and his wife, Jackie, have three sons, including one with autism.

On Mother’s Day it is important to remember the women who have given us “roots” and “wings.” The “roots” come from the protective and loving environment a mother nurtures in the home so that her children will one day have the “wings” to set out on their own.

Of all the mothers we celebrate today, those with autistic children are among the most special because they are blessed with a remarkable reserve of selflessness. I know this from personal experience, since my wife, Jackie, is one of those special mothers. We are the parents of three sons: two teenagers and an autistic 9-year-old, named Ben.

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Mother’s Day: Autistic 12-year-old interviews his mom


Here is a touching video featuring a wonderful mom and a wonderful son with Asperger’s. Do yourself a favor and watch it. And Happy (early) Mother’s Day!! (If you get to buy yourself or your mom a present, this StoryCorps book looks awesome.)

In Dave Isay’s new book, “MOM,” he collects the best pieces of mom-related stories from StoryCorps. Over six years, the organization put up booths where normal people could interview each other about anything they wanted. This one, just animated by StoryCorps, is a twelve-year-old autistic boy interviewing his mom about what it’s like to raise him.

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