Autism and karate: An autistic teen’s black belt

Wondering about the benefits of martial arts for children with autism? Read this story about a teenager in North Carolina who gained enormous confidence along with his black belt. Congratulations, Nick! (And congratulations to his parents for finding an activity that suited him and that he grew passionate about.)

If you met Nick Talent four years ago, he probably didn’t look you in the eye.

Shy, muted, insecure – for most 14-year-olds, those traits come with the territory.

Nick has autism.

Now he’s 18.

Extend your hand, and he’ll shake it.

Look him in the eye, and you’ll meet his gaze.

Smile and give small talk, and he’ll do the same.

Throw a punch, though, and you’ll find yourself on the ground.

Just ask his karate instructor.

via Autism didn’t knock out this athlete.