Autism and girls

The U.K. seems to be talking about autism and girls recently. Below is a story from The (London) Independent on “Why autism is different for girls.” The London Times, meanwhile had a story recently on autism and Asperger’s being underdiagnosed among girls and women.

We may think it only affects boys. But the female variant is often much harder to spot – and that means thousands of girls may be going undiagnosed.

With hindsight, Nicky Clark says early signs of autism were present in both her children. The elder one, though very bright, had a love of routine and was not interested in fantasy games like other children. The younger one liked to line things up in rows and would watch the same video clip over and over again for hours. When she got the diagnosis it came as a huge shock, as it would be for any parent. But there was an additional reason why it was unexpected – both her children are girls.

via Why autism is different for girls – Features, Health & Families – The Independent.