Therapeutic gardens for Alzheimer’s disease

A landscape architect talks here about designing a garden for an Alzheimer’s patient – with an eye on reducing wandering and anxiety and increasing the garden’s therapeutic value. From the Palm Beach Daily News:

A rose is a rose is a rose…

But a garden can be many things.

And, most especially, therapeutic.

Well, of course it is. Isn’t sitting in a quiet spot surrounded by a profusion of brilliantly colored flowers, or long, flowing leaves, or loudly gurgling fountains, therapeutic?

It depends on whether you are basically healthy, or autistic, or suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. How you view a garden will differ drastically depending on how you view the world.

That’s why landscape architect Elizabeth “Libby” Marshall takes her mission to design special, therapeutic gardens so seriously. It’s her passion and as natural to her, she says, as breathing.

via Therapeutic gardens are Elizabeth Marshall’s mission.

Garden Therapy for Autism, Alzheimer’s & More 

Gardening makes us feel good. Ask anyone with a green thumb, even those whose bodies ache from weeding, and they will extol the health benefits of this very satisfying hobby. Although we gardeners do not need validation for our commitment to this pastime, it is comforting to read that professionals agree with us. Of course, their language is more academic than our own vernacular, but that does not stop us from appreciating their remarks.

via - BASIL AND SPICE MIND AND BODY – Garden Therapy: Aids Autism & More (3/2010).