An autism sibling writes

Here’s a nice piece written by an autism sibling for her Massachusetts high school newspaper. As she concludes: “People with autism face enough obstacles and shouldn’t have to deal with the ignorance of people as well.”

It’s always hard to live with small children in the house, but I don’t think people really know the difficulties until they have a child or a sibling with a disability. My brother, Jakob O’Hare, is twelve years old, and he has autism. I think he was diagnosed with autism when he was three.

When you look at him, you see a normal happy kid; it’s just his mind that doesn’t move as fast as everyone else’s. It’s sometimes hard to understand what he is trying to say, but once you’re around him for a little bit, you start to catch on to how he pronounces things.

Triton Voice – Triton Regional High School – Living With Autism.