Missing 82-Year-Old Marshfield Man with Alzheimer’s Disease Found

Missing 82-Year-Old Marshfield Man with Alzheimer’s Disease Found Tangled in Patch of Thorny Plants;

First Rescue by Marshfield Police Using SafetyNet

On the morning of May 23rd, Vincent DiNatale, an 82-year-old resident of Marshfield, MA who has Alzheimer’s disease, wandered away from his home and did not return.  At first his wife thought he may have walked to the local store by their house, but when he did not return within ten minutes she worried he got disoriented and lost his way. Mrs. DiNatale immediately contacted the Marshfield Police Department and informed them that her husband is currently enrolled in the SafetyNet service.

Both the Police and Fire Departments sent out ground units to search for Mr. DiNatale, who has been on the SafetyNet service since February.  Officer Greg Davis soon picked up a signal from Mr. DiNatale’s SafetyNet bracelet and located him nearly one-half of a mile away from his home (and in the opposite direction of the store).  He had become tangled in a briar patch in a marsh area at the bank of the South River and not initially visible to searchers.  According to the Marshfield Police, if he wasn’t located so quickly, Mr. DiNatale’s life could have been endangered due to his being tangled and unable to get free from the thorny plants before the forthcoming high tide.

First time is a charm for the Marshfield Police! This was their first opportunity to use the SafetyNet equipment to rescue one of their residents.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Marshfield Police and Fire Departments for rescuing Mr. DiNatale. We are happy to have another member of our SafetyNet family home safe and sound.

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