Short story about autism and siblings is a winner

Congratulations to Dean Norris-Jones, whose short story about an autistic boy and his sister won the Victoria and Vancouver Times Colonist’s So You Think You Can Write contest. Norris-Jones, a teacher, won in two categories — short story and dialogue. He told the newspaper that he looked to his own family when writing his short story, Everybody Hurts.

When he entered the Times Colonist’s So You Think You Can Write contest, English teacher Dean Norris-Jones hoped he wouldn’t embarrass himself in front of his students.

No worries.

Our panel of judges voted Norris-Jones the winner of the newspaper’s first-ever in-print and online writing showdown. He wins a trip to next year’s Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts. Norris-Jones was also the readers’ favorite, with 53.7 per cent of the votes, so he wins a Sony e-Reader supplied by Atlas Audio Video Unlimited.

Norris-Jones, who teaches English, literature and creative writing at Reynolds Secondary School, competed against four other finalists in the four-week competition. He says he found the assignment-a-week format “exciting and scary,” something he shared with his students. In fact, he gave them a couple of the contest assignments to work on in class.

via He thought he could write — and he was right.

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