Knoxville program helps employ adults with autism

Adults with autism are getting job training and better acquainted with their community in Knoxville, Tennessee, thanks to Breakthrough Knoxville. The parent-started organization also provides housing, social groups, respite care and other services for autistic people age 18 and older. Breakthrough Knoxville is also working on developing a neighborhood for adults with autism!

Here’s a local news story on the employment program. We wish there were job opportunities for adults with autism in every community!

Every Tuesday, Jennifer Wilkerson helps “Scrappin in the City” open up shop.

“She vacuums. She dusts. She mops,” says Yvette Morris, co-owner of Scrappin In The City.

Not only is she a real go getter, Jennifer is perhaps the store’s most pleasant employee.

“Just a week ago, she started giggling and laughing,” says Sarah Preston, co-owner of Scrappin In The City. Jennifer is autistic. Thanks to a program called Breakthrough Knoxville, she landed a job at Scrappin In The City back in August.

“Breakthrough by design is to help improve the lives of adults with Autism,” says William Brown with Breakthrough Knoxville. “That’s our motto.”

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