Piano teacher for students with autism, other disabilities

Mathew Aucott, who has high functional autism and achondroplastic dwarfism, has been taking piano lessons at Richard Studios for two years. His piano teacher says he has prodigy-level talent.

Richard DeKarski, 52, instructor and owner of the Richard Studios piano studio in Northfield, believes that the best way to teach a child to make music is to become part of their world.

“I want to get in their mind and cater to their needs,” said DeKarski, of the Bargaintown section of Egg Harbor Township. “I’ve taught children that teachers refused to take because they just didn’t believe they could teach them.”

DeKarski specializes in teaching students with disabilities. His students’ conditions range from Asperger’s syndrome to dwarfism to blindness. He said the key to his teaching method is to accommodate his students’ individual needs and to get to know each child on a personal basis.

via Piano students leave their disabilities at door of Northfield’s Richard Studios – pressofAtlanticCity.com.

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