A lighthouse fundraiser for autism awareness

HANNIBAL, MO. — Many have marveled at the beauty of the overlook when standing next to the lighthouse in America’s Hometown. Now a local mother wants to use that resource for a cause and for good health.

Marlene Rodenbaugh has an autistic child.She, along with the help of her friends and supporters started a group called, “Shining the Light on Autism.”And they’ve come up with a plan that’s fitting to their namesake.

These 244 steps soon will be climbed in honor of children with special needs. A group called “Shining the Light on Autism” is planning a lighthouse challenge to raise money for an all-inclusive playground at Huckleberry Park. You’ll have a chance to climb the steps up to the lighthouse on Cardiff Hill, not to mention other activities for the whole family.

via Shining the light on autism lighthouse challenge : News : ConnectTriStates.com.

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