Autism Summer: Inclusion’s the game at Camp Shriver in Boston

Some autism summer camps are for autistic children only. Some, like Camp Shriver in Boston, mix kids with and without autism and other disabilities.

Forty-plus years ago, the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver started an inclusive camp in her backyard. It grew into the Special Olympics!

At Camp Shriver everyone fits in – even the Kennedys .

“Everyone treats us the same,” said Kyra Kennedy, 14, the granddaughter of Robert F. and daughter of Robert F. Jr. “It was nice.”

Kyra was one of three Kennedy family offspring working this summer at the sports camp at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, a spinoff of the one started in 1962 by Kennedy’s great-aunt Eunice Kennedy Shriver, to serve children both with and without disabilities. Eunice and Francesca “Chessy” Shriver, Eunice Shiver’s granddaughters, also spent their July on the Boston campus.

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