Autism in Summer: For some, it’s time for camp

For a lot of kids, summertime means summer camp. In recent years, more children with autism have been getting in on the summer camp fun.

There are a variety of autism camps being held this summer. In Florida, Joey Travolta, (brother of John Travolta) runs a film camp for children with autism.

In North Carolina, Funshine Camp lets children and adults with autism and other disabilities enjoy the outdoors for four days at no cost (they bring caregivers).

In Wisconsin, the organizers at Camp Awesum say they try to provide a traditional summer camp experience but accommodate the needs of autistic children with things like special sensory areas.

My Summer Camps, a directory of summer camps around the country, has a list of camps for children and teenagers with autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Here is Spirit of Autism’s list of questions to ask when looking at summer camps for your autistic child.

Is your child at camp this summer? How’s it going? Any tips to share on making the transition to camp?

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