Memories in Making art program for Alzheimer’s patients

Memories in the Making is an Alzheimer’s Association program that gets Alzheimer’s patients painting, often with remarkable results. Organizers say that Alzheimer’s patients often portray memories or feelings they’ve lost the ability to express. The Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association recently raised $190,000 at a fundraiser featuring the auction of Memories in the Making paintings, as the Denver Post reports here:

Sure, it would be nice to have something by Picasso or Van Gogh hanging on the living room wall. Problem is, an original is priced out of most everyone’s reach. Better, then, to make an investment that’s affordable, and in the end, much more meaningful.

That’s the story behind Memories in the Making. Hosted by the Colorado chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, Memories is a sale of 70 paintings created by Denver-area residents with Alzheimer’s disease. The 20 works that a jury selects for live auction are matched with companion pieces done by such professional artists as Anne Aguirre, Peggy McGivern, Jill Soukup and Michelle Torrez; other professionals contribute decorated palettes, jewelry, fabric art andSeen Gallery View more pictures from social events around town in the exclusive “Seen” gallery.sculptures for silent auction.

The 15th edition of the sale raised $190,000 for the Colorado chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and was enjoyed by the crowd that filled the United Club Level at Invesco Field. Joanne Fisher is the event manager; Gwen Ippen serves as program coordinator.

via Alzheimer’s art sale raises $190,000 – The Denver Post.

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