iPod technology helping autistic students

Here’s a story about a Nova Scotia school district that’s providing disabled students, including non-verbal autistic children, with iPods. Each student’s iPod Touch can be loaded with apps suitable for his or her needs.

LUNENBURG – Early in 2009 the South Shore Regional School Board’s SSRSB Assistive Technology AT Centre introduced the iPod touch to their programming as a method of providing engaging and portable opportunities of inclusion to students with disabilities who live in the area.

Now, a year later, over 50 students from schools across the district have had both their scholastic and personal lives changed for the better as a result of the technology.

AT specialist Barbara Welsford says iPods are multi-functional devices that can be programmed with applications, or apps, which are specific to each student’s individual needs. “It’s all app specific and that’s the neat thing. It’s a hand-held, multi-functional device,” she explains. “The teachers are saying they are able to better communicate with students and from our perspective … it’s a motivational device which offers rewards and social supports.”

via Off-the-shelf technology helping disabled students.

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