Helping at animal sanctuary uplifts autistic child

We’ve seen many touching stories about how animals – from service dogs to horses – have helped children with autism. Here’s another with a twist. The animals are living out their final years at a pet sanctuary, and the autistic girl is a volunteer. Read her mom’s comment below and then follow the link to the original USA Today story.

If you haven’t seen the photos or read the story on A Chance for Bliss, I hope you’ll find time. The animal sanctuary is a forever home for older and special need pets run by David and Deanna Bartley in Penryn, Calif. This amazing couple not only helps animals in need but also brings in people with special needs to help out with the animals and to share the joy. Here’s a comment from one of the volunteer’s parents.

My daughter was born with Autism. She works there weekly as a volunteer with the help of an adult aide. A Chance For Bliss has changed her. She has volunteered at other nonprofit organizations, but A Chance For Bliss has really captured her heart. Other special needs children and adults have benefited by helping there as well, including a group who volunteer there regularly from Easter Seals. These animals are lovingly cared for. The animals are given a forever home and treated kindly. Woody and Deanna are incredibly warm and caring. Their place is so calm and peaceful.

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