Farm Helping Women With Autism

There’s a special place tucked into Albuquerque’s south valley: a four-acre farm devoted to helping women with autism.

Mandy’s Special Farm was founded in 2000 by Ruthie Robbins after a disappointing trip to a group home in California that wasn’t the right place for her daughter, who has autism.

“Her life was just difficult, and was going to stay difficult, until we found a place to meet her needs,” said Robbins. “Driving home, I’m depressed, my husband’s depressed, our daughter’s just out of control almost, from tantruming to not understanding what’s going on and I looked him in the eye somewhere in Arizona and said, ‘We can do this better.

‘”Mandy’s Special Farm is the only place of its kind in the United States. Four women currently live at the residential learning center, caring for animals and tending to gardens and orchards.

via Farm Helping Women With Autism – Health News Story – KOAT Albuquerque.

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