Traveling with an Alzheimer’s patient

Here’s some great advice from Alzlibrary’s Blog on traveling with an Alzheimer’s patient. You may think it goes without saying, but we see news stories far too often about people getting lost while traveling: No one with a cognitive deficit should travel alone. There are some other good practical tips here, so if you are wondering if your loved one (or you!) are up to a trip – read on:

Caregivers often ask if an Alzheimer’s patient can travel — to go on vacation, to attend a family gathering, or to relocate. If your loved one is still in the earlier stages, the two of you may still be able to enjoy traveling together, but you will need to take some basic precautions. Whether the trip will be a success depends on the patient himself — how far his Alzheimer’s has progressed, and how easily he becomes agitated or anxious — and on how well the caregiver plans ahead.

via Traveling with an Alzheimer’s Patient « Alzlibrary’s Blog.

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