15 Lessons From the Clergy / Caregiver of an Elderly Parent

Here’s a post from The Connection, the blog at the Clergy Health Initiative, which is a program intended to improve the health and well-being of the 1,600 United Methodist elders and local pastors serving churches in North Carolina. Partners of the initiative include Duke Divinity School and The Duke Endowment.

John M. Crowe: 15 Lessons From the Caregiver of an Elderly Parent

Our guest blogger, Dr. John M. Crowe, offers this advice to pastors who are caregivers for their own parents, recipients of care from their own family members, or counselors to congregants in the caregiving role. This advice comes from my own experience over the last year and a half plus being part of the agingcare.com online support group. 1. Before their health starts down a slippery slope, make sure you or a sibling has both Durable and Medical Powers of Attorney POA.

via The Connection: John M. Crowe: 15 Lessons From the Caregiver of an Elderly Parent.

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