Autism: It’s Summer Camp Time Again

If you are thinking about finding a summer camp for your child with autism, read this post by Debbi Taylor, an autism mom, Autism Research Specialist, author and speaker. She has come up with a great list of questions for camp directors to get you going.

I won’t lie, this time of year typically throws me into a panic. Memories of being burned repeatedly and having my poor son bounced from program to program each summer makes me dread the search for a summer camp solution that is within a single parent’s budget yet offers my child the support he needs.I always assume that providing all pertinent information, tips, schedule samples, copies of the IEP, challenges, typical behaviors, and dietary restrictions up front will be sufficient and ensure success for all parties involved. Then, usually a week in, I get a call from the director who acts blatantly surprised and shocked that my son is having problems in large, loud groups and is acting out.

via It’s Summer Camp Time Again… HELP! | Spirit of Autism.

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