Alzheimer’s disease: We’re missing you, Mom

At SafetyNet, we help caregivers prevent wandering and help find people with Alzheimer’s disease and autism who wander. But we know that wandering isn’t the only way a caregiver loses someone. Columnist Jill Pertler writes about missing her mother in The Fergus Falls (Minn.) Daily Journal:

Typically, you lose someone dear and then you mourn their passing. Sometimes, though, it’s the other way around.

My mom has Alzheimer’s disease. We’ve known it for a handful of years. When we first suspected the diagnosis, I vowed to be prepared. Knowledge is power. I read up on the condition and tried to be optimistic about the whole thing – or at least as optimistic as you can be when confronted with something like Alzheimer’s.

It’s not easy. Alzheimer’s steals the inner being of a person bit by bit. With each piece, you mourn a loss, and think, “This must be it. This has to be the hardest part.” It is.

via The Fergus Falls Daily Journal – We’re missing you, Mom.

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