Football talk used to fight Alzheimer’s

Here’s an interesting post on the benefits of talking about football for dementia sufferers. The study is in Scotland, so the “football” being discussed may be called “soccer” in the United States – but whatever football is familiar to your care recipient is probably appropriate. The man who runs the football-chat group doesn’t claim it will cure Alzheimer’s, but that the seems to elevate participants’ moods and increase their interest in being social.

The conversational skills of a dementia sufferer, who only used to speak to reveal what he wanted for dinner or to say that he was going to bed, has returned after joining a group of men sharing their memories of great football games.

George Jaconelli runs a weekly group in Prestwick, where men with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia meet to revive long-past football memories.

He said that the practice could have an amazing effect.

Now, a study has supported this by showing that dementia sufferers can start to communicate again and see their symptoms reduced, even if just for a short time.

via Football replay used to fight Alzheimer’s | Armoks News.

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