An excerpt from The Autism Mom’s Survival Guide by Susan Senator

amsgcover300Susan Senator, the author of “Making Peace With Autism” has a new book coming out — “The Autism Mom’s Survival Guide.” Here is an excerpt (there’s more on her insightful  blog,

No matter the age of your kids, there are ways to have fun—ways that both parents and kids can enjoy. Maybe this is obvious, but it’s important to be reminded of it and keep it in mind during trying times. Too often we let ourselves get dragged under by caregiving obligations, and we forget about simple happiness. Your fun may mean choosing an ordinary,no-fail activity, such as a trip to the playground, where you might bring along a crossword puzzle for yourself—unless,that is, playgrounds are particularly difficult places for your autistic child. For instance, my friend Sheila’s son used to take every opportunity to scale the high fences that surrounded our park. Having a few moments to yourself might give you the energy to then enjoy the next moment, when your child needs your attention again.

Ed from Ohio says, “Sometimes we take our son to the park and he uses all the equipment. Sometimes, he will justwalk around the tennis courts thirty times. It’s not all fun—but it’s not all bad, either.” This may not sound like much of a rave, but the thing is, parenting any kid is like that: not all fun, and not all bad.

via Susan Senator: Susan’s Blog: Excerpt Three from AMSG Autism Mom’s Survival Guide.

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