Grandparents of children with autism have a major role

Early intervention is essential for successfully treating children who have autism, and a recent survey shows that grandparents across the nation are making significant contributions in this area.

The Interactive Autism Network gave AARP an exclusive first look at the results of its new survey of grandparents who have grandchildren with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The Network is an innovative online project (a Web project of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, sponsored by Autism Speaks) that brings together tens of thousands of people nationwide affected by ASD with hundreds of researchers—all in search of answers.

The survey highlights the major role grandparents play in the lives of children diagnosed with ASD. According to the survey, grandparents not only are often the first to raise key concerns about their grandchildren’s development (by 31 percent), but they also support others who raise concerns (by 48 percent).

via Grandparents Austism Survey, autistic grandchildren, Amy Goyer– AARP.

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