SafetyNet and Project Lifesaver Expand Search & Rescue Solution into New Hampshire

WESTWOOD, Mass., Oct. 14¬† — The Project Lifesaver Program and the SafetyNet System have expanded into New Hampshire, their 45th state, according to an announcement made today by Project Lifesaver International and SafetyNet. This tracking and rescue solution, which is now available in Salem, NH and used by the Salem Police Department, offers public safety agencies the necessary training, technology and procedures to enable the successful rescue of people with cognitive conditions — such as Alzheimer’s and autism — who wander or otherwise become lost.

As part of its commitment to protecting people at risk of wandering, SafetyNet has provided Radio Frequency-based SafetyNet Search and Rescue receivers at no cost to the Salem Police Department.

Project Lifesaver International, a non-profit organization that specializes in electronic search and rescue (SAR) programs, conducted in-depth training and provided certification to the Salem Police Department in late September. Their training includes teaching public safety officials how to use the SafetyNet System and how to gain the trust of and communicate with people at risk who wander, as well as to ensure that caregivers are well versed in the program — all of which are essential to a successful rescue.

“We are excited about this partnership with Project Lifesaver and SafetyNet,” said William J. Ganley III, Deputy Chief, Salem Police Department. “This will allow our police department to be proactive, rather than reactive in dealing with this critical need in our community. Thanks to donations from community groups like Kiwanis, we can better serve the people who need our help the most.”

via SafetyNet and Project Lifesaver Expand Search & Rescue Solution into New Hampshire.

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