Like the SafetyNet Facebook Page to Donate $5!

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, SafetyNet is going to donate $5 for each new Like they get on their Facebook Page during the month of April (2012, of course!)

The money raised will be donated to The Big Red Safety Box program. Back in February, the National Autism Association announced the 2nd launch of The Big Red Safety Box, of which we were a sponsor, and all 1,000 boxes were claimed within hours.

The Big Red Safety Box includes educational materials, door alarms, a wearable ID, and visual prompts to deter children and adults from exiting their homes. Because at least 18 students with autism were reported missing over the last six months after leaving a school or school bus, visual prompts may also be used for classroom and other non-home settings.

The sooner the NAA can raise the money to put together the Big Red Safety Boxes, the sooner they can get them into the hands of those who need them!


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