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How It Works

  1. Contact us to sign up for the service.
  2. Upon qualification of your agency, the SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems public safety team works with you to create a customized implementation plan for your agency including:
    • creation and deployment of agency protocols
    • identification and training of a SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems search and rescue team
    • training for 911 operators and dispatch team to familiarize them with the SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems service
    • allocation of SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems search and rescue equipment
  3. When an agency is ready to launch the service, SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems helps your agency announce availability and begins enrolling clients in your community.
  4. SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems provides 24x7 ongoing support to agencies
  5. If a client goes missing, the caregiver / guardian contacts authorities and SafetyNet.
  6. The agency accesses the SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems Client Portal to obtain critical data about the client.
  7. Your agency’s trained search and rescue personnel use SafetyNet Tracking™ System's state of the art Search and Rescue Receivers to track the Radio Frequency signal emitted from the client’s SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems Bracelet.
  8. Once the client is located, your agents can rescue and return him or her to their loved ones.