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Features & Benefits

Benefits of the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Service to the Agency and Community:

  • Saves time and money - An average search without SafetyNet® Tracking Systems technology can involve multiple agencies, hundreds of officers, countless man-hours and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Saves community resources - without the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems service, a search and rescue mission consumes law enforcement, public safety and other community resources. When you use SafetyNet® Tracking Systems technology, those same resources can focus elsewhere.
  • Proven technology - unlike GPS, Radio Frequency technology can work in densely wooded areas, buildings, garages or any other hidden location.
  • Consistent frequency coverage - SafetyNet® Tracking System's frequency band covers markets across the U.S. and Canada.
  • It works - Time and again, SafetyNet® Tracking System's proven technology, processes and procedures have successfully helped law enforcement and public safety personnel rescue at-risk individuals.


SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Bracelet
  • Waterproof - tested to IP68 standards
  • Transmits within dedicated Radio Frequency band
  • Unique digital ID verification for each client
  • Lightweight (weighs less than 1 oz.)
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate plastic housing
  • FCC certified
Search and Rescue Receiver
  • Digital receiver; simple tuning to frequency of client's SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Bracelet
  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries with up to 24-hour battery life
  • Water resistant to withstand harsh conditions
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Designed and tested for optimal performance with the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Bracelet
  • Works on frequency band (216.0125-216.9875 MHz) allocated by the FCC for law enforcement tracking
  • Separate gain and volume control
  • Receiver has -150 dBm sensitivity
  • 1/8 inch stereo headphone jack
  • FCC approved
  • Includes lightweight Yagi antenna with pistol grip ergonomic handle and magnetic car mount omni antenna