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Public Safety Agencies

SafetyNet® Tracking Systems

Respond. Rescue. Return.

The SafetyNet® Tracking Systems service helps public safety agencies manage the challenge of searching for and rescuing people with autism, Alzheimer's, Down syndrome, dementia or other cognitive conditions who may wander and become lost by providing at no cost:

  • certified search and rescue training,
  • access to a secure database of important client information and
  • specialized Radio Frequency search and rescue equipment

By using the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems service, public safety agencies can more effectively find and rescue people at risk in the event they wander and become lost, eliminating traditional searches that often take countless man-hours.

Time is of the essence in search and rescue operations and every minute saved decreases the risk of a tragic outcome. The SafetyNet® Tracking Systems service is a great way to provide a valuable lifesaving service to your community while improving the efficiency of your agency.