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Lease Model

Enrollment Fee — $199.00
Monthly Fee — $30.00


  • Waterproof Transmitter
  • Tester, Batteries and Straps for length of enrollment
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Customer Service Center (During Business hours)
  • Emergency Call Center (24/7, 365 days)

If one year paid in advance, save $30.00 (One Month Free)


Purchase Model

Individual — $499.00
Purchase 2-9 at a Time — $449.00
Purchase 10+ at a Time — $399.00


  • Waterproof Transmitter, Tester, Year Supply of Batteries and Straps.
  • No Monthly Fees or Expiration
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Customer Service Center  (During business hours)
  • Emergency Call Center (24/7, 365 days)

Batteries and Straps must be purchased from SafetyNet Tracking Systems after 1 Year

Additional Information

  • All options require agreement directly with caregiver/ responsible parties
  • All clients would be entered into SafetyNet databases for business and emergency purposes
  • Lease model requires one year commitment (Early termination fee will apply)


Strap Options

White Vinyl Strap
Packet of Twelve $34.95

  • Standard Strap
  • Easily adjusted to fit client's wrist or ankle
  • Simple metal clasp to close

Multi Color Comfort Strap
Packet of Seven — $14.95

  • Smooth, soft fabric available in seven colors
  • Sturdy and Strong
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easily adjusted to fit client's wrist or ankle
  • Two piece plastic clip to ensure closure

Black Leather Strap
One Strap — $49.95

  • Provides most security
  • Due to its larger size, we recommend that you try the white vinyl or multi color straps first
  • Additional charge of $49.99 
choose color:




Replacement Battery
One Battery — $4.95








Transmitter Tester
One Transmitter — $19.95

  • Tests to make sure transmitter is working.
  • Caregiver hold the Transmitter Tester to the top of the transmitter. A red light will blink. If the red light does not blink recheck the proper insertion of the battery. If the red light still does not blink contact customer service. 

Annual Supply of Batteries, Straps, and Clinchers
Annual Supply — $24.95

  • 2 Batteries
  • 12 Straps
  • 14 Clinchers
strap options: