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Missing Person Located 3.5 Miles Away From Home  

Rescue Story 11/21/2013
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SafetyNet Tracking has helped to locate another missing person. In this case, a 40-year-old man went missing on the afternoon of Thursday, November 21; the man, who suffers from dementia, wandered away from his home on Lexington Road in Brandon. He was found – after having walked 3.5 miles away from his home – by deputies from the Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Office who followed the signal emitting from the subject’s SafetyNet bracelet.

The SafetyNet Tracking service enables public safety agencies to more quickly find and rescue individuals with cognitive conditions who are prone to wandering and becoming lost.  The service is comprised of a SafetyNet Bracelet worn by a client that emits Radio Frequency signals, which can be tracked by local public safety officials via their SafetyNet Search and Rescue Receivers.