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Missing Elderly Woman with Dementia Located TODAY by Boston Police Using SafetyNet Tracking Tracking Technology  

Rescue Story 12/31/2013
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This morning, a 78-year-old Mattapan resident who suffers from dementia wandered from her home and was located by an officer of the Boston Police Department using SafetyNet Tracking technology. She was found approximately 0.6 miles from the location where she was last seen. The woman was located inside the Mars Farmers Market at 926 Cummins Highway in Mattapan. Since the woman was wearing a SafetyNet Tracking tracking bracelet, an officer with the Boston Police Department was able to follow its signal and ultimately rescue the woman with his SafetyNet tracking equipment. This was the officer’s first time using the Safety tracking equipment since his training this past summer.

The missing woman, who has been located several times since being enrolled in the SafetyNet service, was found unharmed less than one hour after Boston Police dispatch were notified that she went missing.

This is the second SafetyNet rescue in the greater Boston area over the past week.  On Christmas Eve, a 9-year-old boy with Down syndrome wandered away from his parents, who were shopping at the Jordan’s Furniture Store in Natick.  He was located under a seat, inside the IMAX Theater just 15 minutes after the Natick Police deployed their SafetyNet tracking equipment.

More information on the SafetyNet Tracking Service, which is available for individuals with cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s and autism that may cause them to wander, can be found at www.safetynetby.com.