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9-Year-Old Boy with Down Syndrome Rescued on Christmas Eve  

Rescue Story 12/24/2013
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On Tuesday afternoon (12/24/13) at approximately 3PM, Natick (MA) police were notified via a 911 call of a missing 9 year old boy with Down Syndrome. The child wandered away from his parents who were shopping at a Jordan’s Furniture Store.

Natick Police and Fire Departments responded along with Mass State Police. Knowing that the child was wearing a radio frequency tracking device that could be detected and tracked Tracking SafetyNet tracking equipment, trained SafetyNet personnel from the Natick PD responded and immediately picked up the missing boy’s signal as they approached the furniture store. After following the signal into the store, police determined that the signal was coming from beyond the walls of the store indicating that the boy had exited the building. Searchers followed the signal and located the boy in a nearby Imax Movie Theater.

The search took only about 15 minutes once the equipment was deployed.

The  child was found unharmed and returned to a most grateful family. The Natick Police Chief said that due to the use of the SafetyNet equipment, a search that could have taken hours or longer was resolved in a very short period of time.