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52 Year Old with Dementia Rescued in Hialeah  

Rescue Story 12/20/2011
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On December 20th, a 52 year old man with dementia slipped away from an assisted living facility in the Miami area sometime in the early morning.  When he was discovered missing, the Hialeah Police Department dispatched trained and equipped Detectives to begin searching for him.  Once they were able to pick up the signal within a few miles from the facility, they were able to find and rescue him in less than an hour.  He was found standing on the edge of a canal disoriented but unharmed.  The family was greatly relieved to hear that he was safe and sound.  Below is an excerpt from a letter written by a family member to the Chief of Police at the Hialeah Police Department shortly after his rescue:

“I live in Austin, Texas but I am from the Miami area originally and still have family there. This morning, my brother-in-law, who has dementia, managed to run away from the assisted living facility that he was at in your city. He has been a serious flight risk for over a year and we had done everything we could do to make sure that he wore a SafetyNet bracelet so that if he did run away, he might be located more rapidly. Our hearts sunk when our phone rang early this morning and my wife, his legal guardian, was informed that he had run away overnight.

I was able to speak by telephone to a Detective on the scene who was equipped and trained with the SafetyNet tracking equipment. There was no sign of him for the first hour but the Detective called back later to tell me that he had been found in Miami Springs, some distance away. I spent twenty-eight years at the Austin Police Department until my retirement in 2008 and I know that this is a program that you are not required to participate in but I cannot commend you enough for choosing to take the lead in finding these missing and endangered citizens. These are not just “missing persons”; they are people unable to care for themselves and have little or no survival skills to be on the streets alone. God Bless you and your officers especially in this holiday season when you all have to be away from your families so that you can protect and serve ours!”

We at SafetyNet are grateful for the efforts put forth by our law enforcement partners such as Hialeah Police in helping to bring lost individuals home safely. 

Its stories like these that make being a part of this community so worthwhile.  It is especially meaningful during this time of year.  We wish you and your loved ones a very safe and happy Holiday Season!